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Who we are

Our career path and its diversity developed in us a common sense and criteria to analyze what companies need, perceive their culture and look for qualified and competent people that collaborate in their growth.

Each company implies a world of values that makes a unique and different culture of business in constant change. The best candidate to incorporate is the one that the company needs. We have the sensibility and creativity to explore the variety and found adaptable talents for the globalize and changeable world.

Our value added is the ability to combine the exclusive service of a personalized headhunting with the best techniques for international organizations.


Alicia B. Carballo

Director of Alicia Carballo & Asociados. Began her professional carrier as a lawyer offering legal advice en bankruptcy proceedings in the firm Urien-Pertiné-Durañona y Vedia-Achaval-Uriburu and in the Ministry of Economy for the Greco Companies Group. Then she managed all franchising activities for Deli France S.A. (Delicity). She entered into 44 franchising agreements. Since 1995 she worked in several headhunting companies such as Seminarium Head Hunting-Accord Group, Transearch Argentina S.A. and Valuar Human Resources Consultant. In 2001 she created her own consulting firm.
Speaker in Lawyers Enterprise Forum - IDEA 2006 "Lawyers and their growth".
Lawyer graduated from the University of Buenos Aires. Agente de Patentes y Marcas, Mediadora Oficial y Familiar. "Gestión en RRHH", CEMA University. Married, 3 children.

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