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Company analysis and position to fill:
• We conduct a proven study of the company, its structure, position in the market, culture and strategic plans.
• For the analysis of the position to fill we talk with the people to whom the candidate will report, analyzing functions, positions in the chart, principal responsibilities, carrier path, salary and everything that implies his/her future position and performance.

Tools for search
• Research
• Data Bases
• Research: data base, media publications –when it is required-, market research and finally analysis and selection of c.v.´s that adjusts to the job profile.
• Contact with the identified and potential candidates: the intention of the possible interview and the job profile is indicated to them clearly.
• Personal interview with the selected candidates: its formation is verified, labor experience and capacities are detected.
• Psychological evaluation of selected candidates at the request of clients: in order to verify personality characteristics, intellectual and affective aspects, social and attitude characteristics.
• Graphological examination: in charge of proven professionals of the seriousness and capacity.
• References of the finalists: beyond that ones that contributes the own candidate, we look for referring that we know in order to make the information most trustworthy. Given to our experience and contacts this is highly useful.
• Media publications
• Presentation of the selected short list: it implies a confidential report of each candidate with all the accumulated information. Analysis of the candidates with clients and negotiation of final salaries.
• Track of the selected candidate: once incorporated the candidate with make a periodic contacts with them in order to collaborate in his integration to the position.


Other services

  • Personality Evaluation
  • Professional Coaching
  • Organization Development

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